10 Anime Couples With the Most Adorable Love Stories

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Almost every anime series boasts a cute and sweet love story.

No matter if it's the main focus of the show or just a relationship developing on the side, watching a new love grow never gets old.

Here are the best anime couples whose love stories warm us in winter.

1. Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock (One Piece)

Majority of men are dazzled about Boa Hancock’s beauty at first meeting.

However, this is one of her main assets but her charm seems to be ineffective against Monkey D. Luffy.

This bashful pirate has a different meaning of beauty. He looks deep into someone’s character and will never judge a person by plainly looking at his appearance.

Luffy may not be attracted to Boa Hancock but he treats her as a very good friend.

She was the one who saved Luffy after a devastating defeat against the Marines. She comforted Luffy when he thought he lost everything.

Though Luffy rejects each and every one of her marriage proposals, Boa Hancock still admire Luffy and continuously hope that they’ll end up with each other someday. 

2. Sakuragi and Haruko (SLAMDUNK)

Hanamachi Sakuragi knows nothing but fighting until he met Haruko Akagi and fell in love.

She is the school’s basketball team manager so he immediately directed all his attention towards the sport.

Sakuragi’s main goal was to impress Haruko but he eventually loved the sport.

Though Haruko seems to be more interested to Kaede Rukawa, Sakuragi’s rival, he will continue to play basketball and impress Haruko until he captures her heart.

This might be a one-sided love story but this anime couple is fun and in some way very sweet.

3. Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

Uzumaki Naruto may not be as bright and promising compared to his rival Sasuke but he's definitely lovable.

He is honest, cheerful, and kind. Naruto will do everything possible to save his friends and fulfill his duties as a ninja of Konoha.

This is probably what made Hinata Hyuga fell for him.

She also treats Naruto as an inspiration to be a better ninja. During Naruto’s fight against Pain, Hinata risked her life to help him while confessing how much Naruto means to her.

Hinata is shy while Naruto is very energetic which makes this anime couple a perfect proof that opposites do attract!

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