10 Anime Characters That Have Eyes Super Power

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Anime powerups are prevalent, some characters are even able  to shoot lasers from their eyes.

Here are the 10 anime characters that have awesome eyes power.

1. Naoi Ayato (Angel Beats !!)

Naoi Ayato is representative of the student council in the anime Angel Beats.

After his death, it elicits hypnotic ability, an ability that allows him to control others and make them into a situation like in dreams.

2. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa Amane has the ability to see the real name of a person just by looking at the face of his interlocutor with the shinigami eyes that he got from the owners death note shinigami.

3. Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo)

He has a devil eyes that could make him turn into a stronger person, or better known as the Immortal, Kyo became famous for defeating 1,000 people in war seikigahara

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