10 Amazing David Bowie Facts You Might Not Know - And Some Bizarre Myths Too

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David Bowie enjoyed a glittering career spanning 6 decades that saw him become one of the greatest artists of all time.

Always interesting and controversial, we look back at some of the things you might not know about the music legend, David Bowie.

1. Moonwalker

David Bowie says he was moonwalking years before Michael Jackson wowed the world in 1983's Billie Jean. He wrote on his official website that choreographer taught him a type of moonwalk for his 1974 Diamond Dogs tour.

2. Share Birthday With Elvis Presley

Bowie shares his birthday with Elvis Presley, who was exactly 12 years older. In her book, Angie Bowie writes David Bowie could do a "devastating" impersonation of Elvis. And Elvis once considered recording a cover version of Bowie's 1976 hit, Golden Years.

3. First Release

Bowie's first ever release was Liza Jane/Louie Louie Go Home in June 1964, under the name of Davie Jones with The King-Bees.

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