10 Alternative Choices if You Want More Anime Like One-Punch Man

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Have you enjoyed watching anime One-Punch Man?

Now you want to know more Anime like One Punch Man for you to sink your excited fist into, right?

Well, that's what I'm about to fix for you. Presenting – the 10 alternative anime similar to One Punch Man!

1. Hataraku Maou-sama! (The Devil is a Part-timer!)

When the all-powerful demon lord from Ente Isla, Satan, is drove into a corner by the hero Emilia, he and his right-hand man and demon general, Alciel, retreats to an unknown dimension for temporary refuge.

Much to their surprise, they arrive on Earth, a place where magic is scarce to nothing.

And so, the ordinary but not-so-ordinary life of the demon lord begins!

From an all-powerful demon lord, Satan is now a part-time worker in a fast-food joint.

His name is now Sadao Maou and Alciel’s name is now Shiro Ashiya. Both now strive to live on Earth and try to dominate it with scarce to no usage of magic.

They won’t be living their peaceful and quiet lives on Earth though.

The hero Emilia has followed the demon lord, Satan, and countless others are also after him.

Will Sadao Maou ever be able to just live his ordinary life on Earth? Or will he still return to the other dimension?

2. Mondaichi-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo? (The Problem Children Are Coming from Another World, Aren't They?)

In terms of psychic powers; Sakamaki Izayoi, Kasukabe Yu, and Kudo Asuka are practically unmatched in the whole world.

And so, they are the perfect recipients to the letters connecting the other world - Little Garden.

A “No Name” community is in dire need of help. Thus, the three problem children are needed.

Black Rabbit is in charge of summoning them, but, she also has to deal with their “problem children” natures before she could solicit some help.

With the three problem children now at the disposal of the “No Name” community, baddies (including the demon lord) should watch out for their inevitable defeat.

The problem children are definitely coming from another world!

3. Overlord

In a world where virtual gaming is ever-popular and ever-booming, a certain game mysterious takes everything to the next level.

Yggdrasil is that game, and on its shutdown, one player remains!

That player is - Momonga! And he is now the Overlord of the world he wakes up into.

With the deadly skill set and magic of an all-powerful overlord, Momonga, who’s now taking time to be known as Ainz Ooal Gown, is taking it step-by-step to get to know the mysterious world he’s now in and ultimately dominate it.

Will he succeed in his endeavour? Will he ever know why’s he’s in such a quirky game-like world?

Will he ultimately become the most powerful being of all? That’s all up to Momonga to decide!

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